Hi!  I'm Jeanne Stadtmiller of Late Night Bears!   I have been making bears for about a year and a half now -  after taking a class from Doris Reece of Rochester.   I loved it and have continued to learn with every bear I make!  I am married to a wonderful man, Jim, who loves teddies and stuffed animals as much as I do.   Good thing!  Our house is full of them!

When I first began making bears, I worked on them mostly at night -  You see, I have severe arthritis and that is the only time my hands were limber enough to work on them (it takes muscle to make a bear, you know!)   I worked diligently, constantly bouncing names for my "bear-making business"  off Jim.  Finally he suggested "Late Night Bears"!   It was perfect and the name stuck!

I hope you enjoy looking at my bears as much as I enjoy making them.   Please feel free to write me at any time - you can use the "write me" button on the first page.   I would love to know what you think of my site.    This is my first attempt at anything like this!  It will probably change often as learn!     Also, please sign my guest book before you leave!    Thanks!